World of Warcraft Classic turned into something

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World of Warcraft Classic turned into something

Post autor: Smarthuiyuan »

As with any new World of Warcraft expansion, we could expect a whole range of fresh features to keep us busy, but Shadowlands also has big changes lined up for its residents of Azeroth. The maximum level will be squished from 120 down to 60, different character customization choices will be made accessible for the very first time, and there'll be a completely new levelling experience to relish.

There is a lot to get through, so below we have broken down a few of the most crucial things you will have to know prior to the launch of Shadowlands.

However, before you dive in, treat your self to the magnificent World of Warcraft: Shadowlands cinematic trailer below.

Shadowlands will take players from Azeroth because we understand it and place us in the world of the deceased. Sylvanas Windrunner has ruined the Helm of Domination, along with the present Lich King Bolvar Fordragon.

Sylvanas Windrunner has always been an ambiguous personality, but in recent expansions, she has been producing increasingly questionable decisions. This has culminated in her showdown with Saurfang in front of the gates of the Horde capital, Orgrimmar, at the latter part of Battle for Azeroth.

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Post autor: Chinajag »

this book is a classic and will always have an honored place on my shelves. Its a lot of money, though, so maybe you could find a copy at the library to skim through and see what you think.