The skins will tie in the theme of this Bastion event


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The skins will tie in the theme of this Bastion event

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The skins will tie in the theme of this Bastion event, which sees the existing -- and popular -- Project alternative universe take centre stage. "The fighting factions players have fulfilled before must now band together against a new hazard triggered by the mysterious App virus," Riot describes.

Quick-fire game style Nexus Blitz returns for your event, which means some fast-paced rounds of randomness will be live once again. Also available with the forthcoming event are some new borders, loot, icons, and emotes, which you'll be able to scoop up if you pick up the Job: Bastion event pass.

Plus, there is a prestige edition of an present Project skin coming with patch 11.13, that will cost 100 prestige points -- though which champion this is for exactly is a mystery for the time being. You could always take a look through the existing skin list if you're keen to guess, but we won't understand for a few weeks most likely. Riot previously indicated that Zed could be getting a prestige look at some stage this year"to get a previously released skin", so maybe it may be him -- but that is only guesswork for now, and we are going to have to watch for patch 11.13 to find out who's the blessed champion is. The 11.13 upgrade will go live on June 23 according to the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule.

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