This takes some power out of the players' hands


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This takes some power out of the players' hands

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One possible saving grace This editorial must be read in its entirety. Jagex will launch another poll that will give users the opportunity to alter the 138 calculation. This possibly could prevent the issue discussed above. However, the system would need to be drastically altered. Hitpoints would not have any impact on calculations therefore Attack and Strength should be scaled up to the magic and range.

Will the poll to reform the system of combat succeed in resolving the issue? We don’t know but we are sceptical. We've already mentioned that nostalgia plays an important role in peoples' decisions. They want the old calculation to be used again, not a totally new one. Even if players had voted yes to a change, we would not have that much influence on what is changed and what doesn't. This takes some power out of the players' hands. It's not something I am concerned about. This is the reason we came here.

Personally I've been somewhat timid when it comes to this. It was many years ago, back in school. I started playing with an ensemble of people who knew. It was me and a tiny group of "hardcore", close friends who continued playing for a few more years. Eventually, however the group quit playing. I continued playing alone and without anyone else knowing.

Around this time, we also started to make friends with girls. Sal's was where I discovered and then joined. It wasn't all bad though.

A former flatmate of mine introduced me to WoW, which I've been playing in and off for a few years now, since I quit RS. As with my secret RS days the game isn't something I've ever discussed with my friends. They're not bad people (despite what I’m making them sound) and they wouldn't ostracize or denigrate me. But there would certainly be plenty of jokes.

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