EA Sports Madden NFL 23 Beta Play-by-play Impressions

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EA Sports Madden NFL 23 Beta Play-by-play Impressions

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Footballers, I have shocking news for you. If you've become member of EA Sport's gridiron crew at any point in the past 10 years, chances are you won't miss one beat on August 19th's Madden 23. Though it's been tough to gauge what sort of condition the new edition of Madden 23 will debut in based on the poor performance of the beta it's as evident as an NFL game that's in third week Arizona that the franchise is fixed at 4th and long.

The game is a credit to the developers, Madden 23 is able to maintain that same high-quality experience of playing an NFL broadcast. When I tried to recreate an experience like the "Ice Bowl" between Green Bay and Dallas or playing in south Miami featuring Teddy Bridgewater and the fellas the show was just more convincing than I'd imagined it could.

Animations have also received a lot of care given to details. Receiving and passing aren't like they did, though I've spent more time playing the Madden 23 beta than I did with the three previous games combined. I'm left to wonder whether the way I'm feeling is due to my first time playing football within a couple of years or if things really look better.


The introduction of the feature EA calls "fieldsense" promises players greater control than everbefore. It will use the aforementioned animation updates to let you anticipate moves according to how your opponent's moves. This is an amazing concept in principle. I've run across a few instances that resulted in an amazing juke that did so because I predicted the cornerback on the other side moving to the left or right.

As mentioned before However, the majority of this Madden 23 beta is in the mud. The frequent crashes that plagued me during my recent play sessions at times as bad as returning me to my dashboard after three consecutive games. However, of course I don't think the final product will launch like this. Though, taking a look at the Madden subreddit indicates that this might not be the situation.

The issues weren't over. As soon as things were functioning, I was startled to listen to as many audio glitches as I did. A lot of times, commentators made mistakes such as making the wrong call or not giving the correct score. The situation got so bad that, during a game that was played between Rams against the Patriots, Charles Davis started exclaiming how good the Commanders were playing. But, no, he was not referring to some kind of fake game playing out in the background.

I'm aware that we're only two months away from our release. I also know that - most importantly - this is nothing but a beta after all. Early impressions have me a bit sceptical.

When EA Sports hopes to again be in the good graces of their fanbase, Madden NFL 23 will require a lot of work before it is released in August. The days of subtle changes being enough. In and out the fans put down their hard-earned dollars for something that isn't something that's a copycat of earlier versions.

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