That's correct, the official Madden Twitter

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That's correct, the official Madden Twitter

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That's correct, the official Madden Twitter account is presently teasing some forthcoming news with a picture of yellow square sponge himself. The statement is set to come tomorrow on January 7, and my imagination is already running rampant with the notion of SpongeBob taking to the field. I could easily see him joining the Seahawks, or perhaps the Miami Dolphins.

We don't yet know what this announcement will be precisely, and just how this crossover will form up. Whether SpongeBob will be in the match remains to be seen, but honestly, I would really like to see the sponge is all his next-gen glory jump to a game in the scene.

I also would not be against seeing an entire group made up of characters from SpongeBob, from Pearl and Sandy Cheeks to Patrick and Squidward. Maybe there'll be a themed casual, which means that your team can game the signature yellowish colour. Really, it's anybody's guess at this time, but it's certainly one quite unexpected crossover.

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