Rsgoldfast - Redmonke suggested that the skill have a skillcape

Podatek dochodowy od osób fizycznych

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Rsgoldfast - Redmonke suggested that the skill have a skillcape

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Imager36 has a fantastic suggestion on how to board enemy ships. It is possible to board an enemy ship if you have crewmembers and other players aboard your vessel. You will need to have higher agility depending on the location you are boarding.

You can board from the deck by walking across a plank, which will give you 10 Agility. You can board on ropes that are 40 Agility. Or you can sneak below the deck and walk through the cannon's space using an '70 Agility' rope. If you attempt to take over the ship of your enemy you may die. Now you can also Melee other players on the ship of the enemy.

If you kill all players on the ship with enmity - NPC's can't be attacked - You can take their crew and force them to work for you - or take the plank... MUAHAHAHAHA - and you can also take control of the boat and sell it or keep it for yourself. The stern of each vessel has a button to forfeit. This lets the boat and its crew to be brought back to the mainland with their items. The loot is a combination of items on the boat as well as items that players can drop after they end their lives.

Redmonke suggested that the skill have a skillcape. I was thinking that it could display a photo of a cape, with the boat and sailor behind. The message would be: You hope onto a mini-ship and then sail off on land. This is just an idea, but it would be pretty funny. Girfaniam recommended Fishing Boats. I am now adding onto his suggestion.

You can build the fishing boat by level 20. It will be a tiny wooden row boat. The fishing boat gets bigger as you increase your level. Your vessel will also allow you to travel to the port only (unless you have weapon implacments). You can fly fish or utilize regular fishing rods. You can also fish using this experience. If you're running short of food for your crew, you can simply fish and then give that to them. Or you can just go to the closest port.

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