A number of near-miss world-ending events have happened in World of Warcraft's timeline

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A number of near-miss world-ending events have happened in World of Warcraft's timeline

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World of Warcraft has taken heroes of the Horde and the Alliance across the cosmos to multiple different planets and, most recently, an entirely new plane of existence in the form of the World of Warcraft WotLK Classic. There is one location where players of Blizzard's immensely popular MMO really call home -- Azeroth.

The world is filled with monsters, magic and even the odd interdimensional demon, Azeroth is a diverse world that has many civilizations spread across its surface. From the noble Tauren in Thunder Bluff to the resolute Dwarves in the midst of the resourceful people from Stormwind or the tribal Trolls There are hundreds of races that call's world of Azeroth home. The world is comprised of many diverse biomes, ranging from vast forests to cold mountains and huge deserts to underwater kingdoms.

Following three RTS games and a MMORPG set on the world with a huge number of nooks and cranny of Azeroth has been explored, but there are some unexplored areas that players are still enthralled by. But though little of World of Warcraft's world remains a mystery and the game has more recently set off to explore entirely new realms, there is an actual lore reason why Azeroth is, and always will be, the center of the WoW universe.

A long time in World of Warcraft's lore, it seemed Azeroth was just an difficult place to live. Demons from another realm regularly show up to destroy the world. Zombie invasions led by a Lich King have nearlywiped out civilization multiple times. A near-to-end natural catastrophe caused unimaginable damage. ancient gods of darkness lurk below the surface, gradually destroying those who dare to get close.

A number of near-miss world-ending events have happened in World of Warcraft's timeline. It's, of course due to the fact that World of Warcraft is a video game, and therefore, players continuously require new challenges and threats to face. The problem is that Blizzard just recently identified an original lore explanation to explain why Azeroth is the most talked about in the Warcraft universe.

Azeroth As it turns out, is much more than just a World Of Warcraft planet. It's also home to a world-soul i.e. an inactive Titan waiting to be awakened. There are the Titans. Titans are considered to be the World of Warcraft universe's cosmic gods and are some of the most formidable characters in Warcraft, accountable for bringing order to the universe and helping the intelligent races of the cosmos to flourish. Long ago, when Azeroth was still a child one among the Titans, Sargeras, learned a horrible truth which caused him to form a cosmic army hell-bent on wiping out existence across the galaxy.

Sargeras discovered the power known as the Void the Void, a dark, corrupting force that wanted nothing more than to take over the universe and leave it in darkness. He also learned that one the primary ways in which the Void used to achieve its objective would be to corrupt the dormant Titan souls and transform they into evil Dark Titans that would threaten all of existence.

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