The other guy asked what the old nite lost when he expired

Podatek od wartości dodanej (urzędowi skarbowemu)

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The other guy asked what the old nite lost when he expired

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Listed below are a coupe good ones I've tried out. Don't hesitate to post your lil' fun vengeful pass-times... Basically you get in the port sarim jail through the Shantai pass, and stay in there. 1 thing that works well is to get a marijuana to bring noobs into the prison; I typically let them know that the Key is accessed by giving Donuts t the sleeping guard or kill rats. Req: 3+ individuals,'godly' lookig cloths/ things (e.g. easter/stone ring, emotes), 2+ pairs of robes, unfrequented location.

Dress up as something that would look like a God, and find a friend with a thing a'believer' of your'godliness' would wear; get your buddy in the'believer' fabric, also lure a noob (no longer than lvl 17) in your location. Attempt to persuade the noob that he is a Chosen, and give him the additional set of robes. If all goes well, you'll make him believe you have'imbued him with magic properties'. This prank could continue extremely long; I managed to make it survive 3 months. Get all your buddies making a train, you being the leader. Find a impolite and disrespectful noob, and start following himgoing"choo!choo!"

When he starts objecting you after him, get al your friends to start ranting and these. Many noobs get so mad they bribe you. Feel free to post more! So I am on a quest to get 40 range for Ikov therefore that I could do desert treasure. I trained on stone crabs. I switched worlds due to cannons at the stone crabs. I met with a friend and we moved out of Fremmy rock crabs across the fence to Kelda crabs. I meet a few more friends there and we talked about college and crap that the I told them I am wed to the sandwich woman, divorced queen Ellemaria, and dated Gertrude. Each of them logged out and some more people came on.

1 man thought Lilyuffie died. The other guy asked what the old nite lost when he expired. I attempted to convince him that O.N. expired IRL, but he kept asking what he dropped GP wise. Chat to be uploaded shortly.

Personaly I often dismiss people, but try to think from their perspective. They believe that they are awsome and very smart, meaning they are only stupid. But then they say something dumb snd I go back to wanting to punch them. Many men and women dont understand its an EFFIN GAME! When I get an A in algebra two, and they are getting a D- in remidial math, il be laughing because THEY have 110 battle.

I havent played Runescape in a long

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