an analysis program preinstalled on the server

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an analysis program preinstalled on the server

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Alternatively, your host may have an analysis program preinstalled on the server, and the results may be able to be seen online (some hosts have the Webalizer program installed for their client's use)

So what are the things to look for when analyzing the logs?

You should look for the number of unique visitors per day. This will give you an idea of how many people are viewing your site and will give you a broad overview of how you are doing.

Another indication of overall activity on the site is the number of "page views" per day. Unlike hits, page-views refers to distinct html files or pages that were requested. Suppose you get 200 unique visitors per day, and there are about 2000 page views per day, then you can infer that your average <a href=" ">Newport cigarettes discounts</a> visitor is viewing 10 pages of your site.

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