cigarettes online way of gathering statistics

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cigarettes online way of gathering statistics

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So what then is the professional and up-to-date way of gathering statistics and what are the statistics that really count?

Web servers keep logs of all visitor activity. When someone visits your site, he or she requests the various files on the site. The log records all of these requests and records other vital information as well including: the referrer page (or the last page where the surfer was prior to entering your site), what operating system the <a href=" ">cheap cigarettes outlet</a> surfer is using, what screen resolution he or she is using, what search terms he or she made to request your site and a lot of other vital data that could be crucial to your ability to have Internet success or failure.

If you would look a the raw logs of your site you will see a long text file with the date of each entry and would see a few interesting items but you would <a href=" ">cigarettes online</a> not be able to put them together very well due to the volume of information. (a line of text for each file requested). There are log analysis programs that do this work for you. One way of using them is to download the log file from your server. Your host should be able to tell you where the file is located, and you can retrieve it using an FTP program. The log file is then fed into the analysis program and the results are generated. There are many programs that do this work. I got started with a simple program (open web scope-and there is free version available).

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