How to Flop at NBA 2K19

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How to Flop at NBA 2K19

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We were hoping that EA would patch this in somewhere along the way, like they did with the roster editing and 3v3 manners, but it seems we'll never get to observe the day. As you do, we turned to reddit to find out when we were the only ones baffled by the absence of the essential feature.

There we stumbled upon a query posted by greenteastick who had been looking to buy NBA Live 18 but had been concerned about the game's online modes, and he wished to know if you were able to play from the friend online. He got an answer from one user who said that the only workaround for this is to enter the Head to Head mode at precisely the same time as your friend, and also hope that you're matched against each other.

Now this method may seem too simple to be accurate, but only for the heck of it, I decided to check it out. So I logged in to the EA server while in a bunch with my buddy on the PS4. We entered the Head to Head manner, picked our teams and... voilà! It really worked!

We played with a ranked match against each other as if we had been at a private lobby. We tested this method 10 days to see if the very first time we played was a fluke, and 7 out of 10 times, we were able to perform together.

So let's break it down real quick again. If you want to play against your buddy online, all you need to do is enter the Head to Head mode, and get to the screen where you pick your team.

The main thing is that you both pick your group at the very same moment. Right.

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