sionally, I will miss it ver

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sionally, I will miss it ver

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Sister, I always like autumn, but I don't like it. Although autumn is the season of harvest, but in the urban environment, we can hardly feel the joy of the peasant uncle harvest. Often more people are on the street with autumn clothes. They often come and go, and they are hurrying. They don��t have much to care about. They are looking forward to going home early. Or on the side of the campus, watching the withering of the dead maple leaves, the leaves fall on the ground, want to understand the sadness of the movers and the people like autumn. So by my side, I often don't feel the joy of autumn. But I forgot, not because I am happy. In fact, in the eyes of my sister, autumn is also a sad season. In the autumn of that year, my sister and I went to climb the mountain <a href="">Marlboro Red</a>, and most of the trees were not very angry. It was already the reason for the late autumn. The withered leaves danced in the wind. As the story describes, it always makes people feel a little sad. . The familiar taste of the inexplicable autumn dryness makes people feel sad in this season, that is, the feeling of hometown. My older sister is older than me, and I have more memories of my hometown. So for her, the mountain is a kind family for her, the fallen leaves are the shadow she is familiar with, and the harvest is the emotion that she is also happy. For me, these are just a hint of awkward feelings. In fact, my sister will feel very sad. When I was away from home, I gradually became familiar with the outside life, but my sister is not, my sister's childhood, is the hometown of the mountains, not here. Sometimes, I always feel that my sister is not a local person. My sister is an introverted person, and there are always no friends here. In fact, it is understandable. My sister is relatively quiet, not good at dealing with others, and still transfer students. And in my personality, it is very different from my sister. Occasionally, I will miss it very much. I always like to make friends with others, and I am afraid of being alone. So let me not go with others, but it makes me feel uncomfortable. Although in the eyes of others, we are just like a mother, a sister like a father. But I think it is not like that. I remember that one year, when I went home during the summer vacation, there were many elementary school students who came to the sisters every three or five times. Because I lived in my hometown for a short time, I have no friends. When my sister and those friends went out to play, they were always very happy, and they always came back with a very satisfying look. Probably because I haven't seen these friends for a long time, I am more happy <a href=""></a>. During that time, I gradually realized that my sister is not a person who is not good at communication. My sister is only willing to play with real friends. After all, just like I have so many friends, come here, but not necessarily in this place <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>, playing like a duck, so much fun, everyone has their own paradise, don��t make a conclusion for one person, don��t do too More meaningless things. In fact, it belongs to my fall and my sister's summer.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">NewportCigarettesCoupons</a>
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